Welcome to Gore Glen Primary School in Gorebridge, Midlothian


At Gore Glen Early Learning Centre and Primary School, our mission is to place children and families at the heart, creating a vibrant and nurturing school community. Our aim is to create safe, meaningful and stimulating learning environments and curriculum. Every day is a magical journey of learning and enquiry for us all to soar beyond our full potential together. We develop a passion for life-long learning, preparing children for our ever changing world. We believe that we can achieve more when we share a common direction and a sense of community.  Everyone is valued and every voice is heard.

At Gore Glen our vision is everyone SOARING BEYOND OUR POTENTIAL TOGETHER.


We have defined our values in ‘The Gore Glen Way’.
These values are our core expectations for everyone in our community #thegoreglenway

  • Be Safe – children, families and staff have the right to
  • come to school and feel safe in their environment.
  • Be Respectful – there is an ethos of mutual respect,
  • kindness and trust for all.
  • Be Ready to Learn – everyone is challenged and
  • supported effectively in their learning to soar beyond
  • their full potential. One size fits one.



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Domestic abuse is any form of physical, sexual, mental or emotional abuse and takes place within the context of a relationship, either current or past.  

Monday, 28 January, 2019

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"Soaring beyond our full potential"