In P1D we are using a Learning Through Play approach to teaching and learning.  The classroom is set up to allow children to “free flow” from play experiences allowing them to develop social, communication and interdisciplinary skills through play.  This also allows opportunities for play alongside their peers, with other adults or own their own.

We also embrace the Froebelian philosophy of engaging and learning through nature to develop our play experiences.  Our Wednesday Wander promotes the link with children and parents/carers/adults embracing the wonders of the nature world around us and creating valuable links to our local community ie. Library, local shops, food bank, church and Care Homes.  The Wednesday Wander is in its 2nd year and has played a huge success in P1 and uniting the school with the community.

Published on
Thursday, 28 June, 2018

"Soaring beyond our full potential"