In Primary 2/3, we have been enjoying our learning experience through play-based learning. This has been introduced to Primary 2 and 3 this year following a successful trial period with Primary 1. Children have been able to learn in a way that enriches their learning experience and allows them to build on skills they have been taught. Learning through play encourages the children to practise skills and also develop socially where they are encouraged to work co-operatively.

Primary 2/3 have also had the chance to take our learning outdoors. Every Tuesday we go on what we call our ‘Tuesday Traipse’. We have built relationships with the community by visiting the library and donating to the food bank. We have taken surveys of transport for Data Handling and we have gone through the Gore Glen woods to create stories using sticks and leaves.

In Primary 2/3 we are blessed with enthusiastic learners and confident individuals who are aiming to soar beyond their full potential.

Published on
Sunday, 28 October, 2018

"Soaring beyond our full potential"