In Primary 4, we love practical activities and investigating through experiments. Our inquisitive minds lead to us asking lots of thought-provoking questions. We will discuss as a class, working towards everyone listening and effectively contributing, before perhaps conducting some of our own research to investigate or set out to complete a practical experiment.

We focus on our team work skills through STEM team challenges. We look to achieve through working in our groups. This links to our successful strategies:

  • Give thoughtful feedback
  • Respect others and their thoughts
  • On task all the time
  • Use soft voices
  • Participate actively
  • Stay with your group

We enjoy being creative and helping to decorate our classroom. This will usually see us using a variety of different media to create backdrops, displays and focus areas (e.g. library corner).

We look to follow The Gore Glen Way: Be safe, Be respectful, Be ready to learn!

Published on
Sunday, 28 October, 2018

"Soaring beyond our full potential"