Parent Council (PTA)

Gore Glen Primary School (GGPS) Parent Council supports GGPS in providing the highest quality education to its pupils. We are the voice of the parent/carer community; we raise funds to support the school financially, and provide a constant stream of new ideas and initiatives.

We share GGPS’ vision: “to soar beyond our full potential together”. At GGPS everyone is valued and every voice is heard. Much like geese, our ‘flock’ flies in formation, and every goose stays with the flock, rotates the lead, encourages others and stands by each other. 

Our ambition is for GGPS to be a centre of excellence, a Scottish exemplar, in:

  1. Sustainability. We want to equip our children with the knowledge and tools to live in a net zero future. Our aim is to:
    1. Be part of the Scottish Eco-Schools Initiative
    2. Reduce the use of single-use plastics
    3. Have an active eco-community within the school and wider parent community
    4. Have dedicated gardening areas for all pupils
  1. Staying Active. We want to promote healthy and active living beyond the existing council programmes. Our aim is to:
    1. Offer pupils a range of different sports to discover new ways to be active
    2. Have a set of after-school activities and competitions 
    3. Promote healthy lunch and snack options
  2. STEM. We want to equip pupils with the skills that a modern society requires, with a specific focus on removing gender inequalities (often formed at a young age) in pursuing studies and careers in (computer) science. Our aim is to:
    1. Support the school in designing inclusive, engaging STEM lessons as part of the curriculum.
    2. Provide the school with technical equipment (e.g. tablets, micro:bits, technical lego) to provide STEM lessons. 
    3. (When allowed) support the school in running coding clubs and similar activities.

We can only make this happen with your help and support. Every year as our schools grow, we are looking to strengthen our PTA. Please help us to make this year the most successful to date. To join the PTA, or to attend one of our meetings, please email

Published on
Tuesday, 1 February, 2022

"Soaring beyond our full potential"