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Below are files that have been produced by various educational sites and organisations to support your child's learning at home. These have been organised into stages to support your navigation but please feel free to use resources from all folders.


Early Years Home Learning Pack – TTS

Home learning Pack – Practical Ideas 


Home Learning – TTS p1-3

Vooks Home learning tasks

Vooks Home Learning tasks – Week 2

Primary  1 Practical Ideas

Primary 2 Practical Ideas

Primary 3 Practical Ideas


Home Learning – TTS p4-7

Vooks Home learning tasks – Week 1 

Vooks Home Learning tasks – Week 2

Primary 4 Practical Ideas

Primary 5 Practical Ideas

Primary 6 Practical Ideas 

Please see below for some suggestions of generic home learning tasks:

  • Practise spellings/phonics
  • Practise times tables/number bonds
  • Keep a diary
  • Read for enjoyment
  • Write a book report
  • Watch a film of a book that you have read and look for similarities/differences
  • Get a family member to give you a big word eg. ACCOMMODATION and see how many smaller words you can make out of those letters
  • Design a poster encouraging people to wash their hands
  • Choose a famous artist and recreate one of their famous pieces

Some useful links:

12 Famous Museum Tours

Purple Mash

Create stories, animations and games online


IXL – Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Topmarks – games and resources for all areas of the curriculum

Get moving with the Body Coach

Cosmic Kids

A picture a day with comprehension questions, story starters and sentences to fix.

Scouts – The great indoors


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