Our Staff

All staff at Gore Glen Primary School share one firm belief: working together makes anything possible.

To support our understanding that one size fits one, our learning and teaching is child-centred in rich learning environments designed to meet the needs of each and every child.   

We remain focused on giving every pupil the opportunity to soar beyond their full potential.

Published on
Wednesday, 24 October, 2018

Senior Staff

Pauline Marr - Head Teacher

Pauline Marr

Head Teacher

Lynsey Stevenson - Depute Head Teacher

Mrs Lynsey Stevenson

Senior Leadership Team

Julie Unrau - Principal Teacher

Mrs Julie Unrau

Principal Teacher

Heather Docherty - Principal Teacher

Mrs Heather Docherty

Principal Teacher

Sam Smith - Principal Teacher, Glenable

Mrs Sam Smith

Principal Teacher

Claire Sutherland - Principal Teacher, Treehouse

Mrs Claire Sutherland

Principal Teacher

Class Teacher

Heather Docherty - P1D Class Teacher

Mrs Heather Docherty


Sarah Gibson - P1G Class Teacher

Miss Sarah Gibson


Jennifer Beekie - P2B

Miss Jennifer Beekie


Karen Scott - P2S Class Teacher

Miss Karen Scott


Holly Brown - P3

Miss Holly Brown

Sarah Millar - P3/4 Class Teacher

Miss Sarah Millar


Laura Gilhooly - P4

Miss Laura Gilhooly

Sammy Young - P5 Class Teacher

Mrs Sammy Young

Sharon Kidd - P5 - Class Teacher

Miss Sharon Kidd

Calum French - P6 Class Teacher

Mr Calum French

Julie Unrau - P7 Class Teacher

Mrs Julie Unrau

Katy Chan - P7 Class Teacher and NCCT

Mrs Katy Chan

Emma Stevens - Support for Learning Teacher

Mrs Emma Stevens

Rob Heasman - Class Teacher, Treehouse

Mr Rob Heasman

Amy Lane - Class Teacher, Treehouse

Miss Amy Lane


Sam Smith - Principal Teacher

Mrs Sam Smith

Principal Teacher

Rhianydd Parry - Class Teacher, Glenable

Miss Rhianydd Parry

Oak Room

Kirsty Little - Class Teacher, Glenable

Mrs Kirsty Little

Fir Room

Leigh Pleasance - Class Teacher, Glenable

Mrs Leigh Pleasance

Elm Room

Jordan Martindale - Class Teacher, Glenable

Mr Jordan Martindale

Elm Room

Linda Gillespie - Class Teacher, Glenable

Mrs Linda Gillespie

Amanda Craig - ASN Childcare Development Worker

Miss Amanda Craig


Jeanette Clark - ASN Childcare Development Worker, Glenable

Mrs Jeanette Clark


Heather Young - Support Staff, Glenable

Mrs Heather Young

Glenable Support Staff

Emma Moffat - Support Staff, Glenable

Mrs Emma Moffat

Glenable Support Staff

Andy Kelly - Support Staff, Glenable

Mr Andy Kelly

Glenable Support Staff

Joanne Corris - Support Staff, Glenable

Mrs Joanne Corris

Glenable Support Staff

Nicola McIntosh - Support Staff, Glenable

Mrs Nicola McIntosh

Glenable Support Staff


Amy Finlayson - Senior in Early Learning Centre

Miss Amy Finlayson

Nursery Staff

Maria Moyes - Early Learning Centre

Mrs Maria Moyes

Nursery Staff

Louise Kings - Early Learning Centre

Miss Louise Kings

Nursery Staff

Lorraine Turnbull - Early Learning Centre

Mrs Lorraine Turnbull

Nursery Staff

Nic Clark - Early Learning Centre

Miss Nicola Clark

Nursery Staff

Kim Vass - Early Learning Centre

Mrs Kim Vass

Nursery Staff

Laura Brown - Early Learning Centre

Ms Laura Brown

Nursery Staff

Wendy Crawford - Early Learning Centre

Mrs Wendy Crawford

Nursery Staff

Tammy Pagan - Early Learning Centre

Miss Tammy Pagan

Nursery Staff

Leona Westwood - Early Learning Centre

Miss Leona Westwood

Nursery Staff

Support Staff

Hannah Loughran - Support Staff

Mrs Hannah Loughran

Support Staff

Trish Weir - Support Staff

Mrs Trish Weir

Support Staff

Michelle Yuill - Support Staff

Mrs Michelle Yuill

Support Staff

Lisa Lamont - Support Staff

Miss Lisa Lamont

Support Staff

Jenna Floyd - Support Staff

Mrs Jenna Floyd

Support Staff

Jocelyn Smith - Support Staff

Mrs Jocelyn Smith

Support Staff

Jenni Tait - Home School Practitioner

Mrs Jenni Tait

Support Staff

Elaine Sangeelee - Support Staff, Treehouse

Mrs Elaine Sangeelee

Support Staff

Clare Layton - Support Staff, Treehouse

Miss Clare Layton

Support Staff

Office Staff

Loraine Wood - Office Staff

Loraine Wood

Office Staff

Lisa McWhinnie - Office Staff

Mrs Lisa McWhinnie

Office Staff

"Soaring beyond our full potential"