School Uniform

Parents are asked to co-operate with the school in encouraging the wearing of the school uniform.

Wearing school uniform contributes to a positive school ethos, helps avoid discrimination and reduces peer pressure to wear expensive designer clothing.

A school’s reputation can also be enhanced in the local community by the wearing of school uniform and school security will be improved as it is be easier to identify intruders.

Please help us by ensuring that pupils do not bring valuable or expensive items of clothing to school and ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled, particularly ties, sweat shirts and PE equipment, which are often lost.

The Goreglen Primary School is committed to a school dress code. Apart from the very important tradition in this, we wish to have pupils who are proud to be identified with their school. We aim to prepare pupils for the world of work, where a dress code is a common feature; to improve the image of the school in the local community; and, for purposes of security, be able to recognise who is a member of our school community.

Our School Uniform Consists of;

  • black or white polo shirt
  • black trousers or skirt/tunic
  • jade green cardigan or sweater
  • black raincoat
  • white, black or jade green t-shirt and black shorts/jogging bottoms for PE
  • Book bags and PE bags have also been added to the site below.

School uniform and atire can be purchashed at

Published on
Thursday, 24 January, 2019

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